lidded bowls

Mike’s lidded bowls have multiple purposes.  They can be used for memorial purposes, jewelry, or decorative.

Mike invites you to enjoy his interpretation of the artistry of his lidded bowls.

Mike McKinney – Lidded Bowls

Mike McKinney – Artistic – Live Edge Interpretations

Mike McKinney – Lidded Bowls

Lidded Bowls

Mike became aware of the need for burial urns several years ago when he was asked to turn an urn for a good friend, who needed one for a family member.  Mike’s friend and customer revealed that many available urns were mass produced and really didn’t meet the standards he wanted for his loved one’s final resting place.

Since then, Mike has crafted many urns for people he knew and some he didn’t.  Urns have been ordered at a loved one’s death or have been ordered so that the owner would have the urn before their demise, thus having the choice of their own final resting place and enjoying the urn for, hopefully, years before their death.

There are also the needs for multiple urns for the same person, whereby various family members and possibly friends desire to keep parts of the remains separate.

Today’s world doesn’t seem to have any hard or fast rules about what is OK, it really lets each individual come to conclusions about what is best for “their” family.

Basically, the same facts hold true for pet owners who have enjoyed their furry family friend as regular companions.  Usually one big difference is that “pet urns” are smaller and more compact.  Pet owners also recognize how much the family pet is loved and a handmade memorial seems more appropriate than an off the shelf urn from China.

Mike has developed a working relationship with Marie and Davis Ferguson of Carolina Pet Services of Waynesville to fill their special needs.  They typically take care of ordering the urn and special requests.  Mike works through Carolina Pet Services or directly with the customer depending on the circumstances, locality, etc.

The shop may have some urns available at any time, but in the event we don’t have what you are looking for, we will give immediate attention to fill the needs our customers may have.

Mike and Vanessa consider it quite an honor and responsibility to provide a final resting place for a loved one or furry loved one.

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